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My Farewell Post Goodbye

During this semester I tried to create a blog that would inform and help teach others what the world of poker is about.  There are many different aspects that go into the game of poker, and I tried to cover them as best I could.  Of course there is much more to learn and I would suggest that if you have an interest in the game of Poker to not stop learning and trying to be the best player you can be.  I think what I’ve learned is that, Poker can be a fun hobby to have, but to be a serious player you need to invest serious time and energy into improving your game.  If you are committed however, nobody can stop you but yourself.  I will not be continuing the blog, but I will continue to learn more and play the game of poker when I get the chance.  Here are five links to five of my best posts below:

Is Poker A Game of Luck or Skill?

Audio Interview With Mike Siracusa

Q&A with Experienced Poker Player Nolan Bilder

Best Possible Poker Hands From Strongest to Weakest

Storify Page on Legalization of Online Poker in New Jersey


The History Of The World Series Of Poker




Since 1970 the World Series of Poker Main Event has been in full effect.  What started out in 1970 as a $5,000 tournament with 7 entrants has over the years turned into the most watched and most prized poker event for poker players and celebrities and athletes as well.

After 1970, the tournament buy in was changed from $5000 to $10000 and each year following, more and more entrants started to join.  Over the years the tournament has seen  a steady increase in participants but the tournament never really took off until 2004 when it took the leap from 839 participants the year before to 2576 a year later.

You may think that poker players are the only ones that would join a big event like the World Series of Poker but many celebrities pay the $10,000 buy in and want to get in on the action as well.  In the 2011 World Series of Poker alone there were many celebrities including Jason Alexander, Vincent Van Patten, Sam Simon, Patrick Bruel, Paul Pierce, Ray Romano, Shannon Elizabeth, Nelly and more.

Up until 2006, the number of entrants to the World Series of Poker was growing at a large pace.  However, new online gambling legislation that restricted the number of online qualifiers to the event put a halt on the steady increase of entrants.

21 year old online poker player Matt Bornstein said “Its always been a dream of mine to play in the World Series of Poker…It would be a once in a lifetime opportunity.”  When asked if he had any plans on doing so in the future he said “I hope so but probably not for a while.”

Widely considered the best poker player of all time is Stu Ungar.  He is the only poker player to ever win 3 World Series of Poker main events.  More astonishing than that is the way he did it.  In 1980 and 1981 Stu Ungar won back to back World Series of Poker Titles.  After his son committed suicide a few years later, Ungar was overcome by Drug and gambling addiction problems.  Throughout his career Ungar went from being a millionaire to being broke many times because of his addictions.  In 1997 however after being away from the World Series of Poker for many years he had his buy-in paid for by a friend and ended up winning the $1,000,000 prize.  After this he was given the nickname “The comeback kid”.  He did not participate the next year because of his addiction, and a few months later Ungar was found dead in his hotel room.

To register for the World Series of Poker Main Event one can do so online right here.  Registration for 2013 was open from July 6- Nov 5 but is now closed.

21year old poker player Tyler Ogrodowczyk also has plans of one day entering the Main event when he said “If I ever build up enough money to have a chance to enter, then its something I definitely would do.  Just being there in the atmosphere of it all seems like a ton of fun.”

Obviously once you enter the tournament its going to take a little more than skill to beat out the rest of the competition, but even if you do not come in first you still can receive a hefty payout.  Top 648 players get paid a sum of the money.

Best Possible Poker Hand Ranging From Strongest To Weakest

For this video post I decided to show everyone what the best possible hand is in Texas hold em and also what is the least strongest hand.  For people who are more experienced this post may be common knowledge but many people who are unfamiliar with the game don’t know what beats what in poker.


Q&A with Experienced Poker Player Nolan Bilder

nolan bilderFor many playing poker is a hobby and a passion.  For Nolan bilder it is exactly that.  Nolan is a 21 year old senior at Stockton college who loves to play poker whenever he gets the chance.  I got the chance to interview Nolan and ask him some of his thoughts on poker and his experiences.

Q: How long have you been playing poker?

A: I’ve been playing poker for as long as I can remember.  I would say I started around age 13

Q: What is it about poker you like?

A: What isn’t there to like about poker?  The rush, the skill, the thrill, the manipulation, the bluffing, raising, winning money, and overall just having a good time

Q: What type of poker player are you?

A: I’d consider myself a loose player which means I take a lot of risks as far as bluffing and calling

Q: Do you see yourself playing poker in the future?

A: Of course I see myself playing poker in the future.  It’s a passion of mine, I love playing.

Q:  What advice would you give to other players trying to get good at poker?

A: Advice I’d give to new players is practice practice practice.  That’s the only way you will improve.  Don’t be scared at the table.  Don’t get bullied.  Show some force and guts but also know when to be conservative.  Always keep your opponents guessing.

Q: What do you think it takes to become a professional?

A: It is extremely difficult to go pro.  Hundreds upon hundreds of hours spent studying and playing the game are required.  You also need a bankroll and a little Lady Luck

Live Recreational Heads up Poker Tournament

For my live blog post I decided to watch two experienced poker players Nolan Bilder and Justin Fishman go head to head in a heads up poker tournament.  The buy in was for $20 a piece and winner received $40.  The event took place in the home of Nolan Bilder.  Heres how it all went down:


Audio Interview With Mike Siracusa


For my audio Interview I decided to interview Mike Siracusa.  Mike is a recreational poker player who has been playing for almost 10 years.  Some questions that I asked him include how long hes been playing, whether or not he thinks poker is luck or skill, what the difference is between playing online and in person, and what advice he would give to other poker players.  Listen to what Mike had to say: