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The Difference Between Professional Poker Players and Recreational Players

Many people play poker both professionally and recreationally, but there are many things that both do differently to differentiate themselves from each other.

For one, most professional players rely on skill, knowledge, and experience to win consistently. Also, professional poker players derive mostly all or a very significant amount of their income just from playing poker alone. Successful players overall are more disciplined, stick to a budget, play at higher stake levels and do not over-estimate their own skill level.

On the other hand, recreational players are less knowledgeable, overestimate their own skill, and considering playing poker as “entertainment.” Another thing that recreational players do that professional players don’t do is they chase their losses. This means that after losing a big hand, some recreational players will start increasing their bets to recover what they lost. This is undisciplined and professional players don’t exhibit this lack of control. Here are the top 3 reasons why people lose at poker.

Overall there are many advantages and disadvantages to becoming a professional poker player. Some of the advantages include being your own boss and choosing your own working hours, you can take days off whenever, and you can play online and don’t have to leave your house. Some of the disadvantages include there being no set income, exhaustion, reduced time with your family, loneliness and feelings of isolation, and addiction. Here are 10 questions to ask yourself before turning pro.

In the end, to become a professional poker player once must be extremely dedicated, passionate and be willing to put in the hard work to succeed. Most people don’t end up succeeding but it is possible if you are willing and committed to making it a living.


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